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Meet Keefe Montgomery, Attorney Turned Painter

Painting, while a challenge, is a therapy to aid us in coping with the stresses of everyday life. When you reach the point in your painting at which the object begins to take shape, a life of its own, the feeling of satisfaction is so rewarding. As an attorney, the courtroom is usually not a happy place. Painting has raised my awareness of so many other things surrounding us. Take time to look closely at the clouds in the sky, the leaves on a tree and the brush strokes in the classics. I invite you to enjoy my paintings, as I have enjoyed painting them.

One of my plans for this website is to offer original oil paintings, or copies (giclees), of places where people have visited. Inconvenience in travel, or the lack of funds, often preclude one from purchasing a reminder to bring back home. While anticipation of a trip may compete with the actual enjoyment in the overall experience, remembering the vacation gives pleasure, months and years later.

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Still Life

Peacock in Yard

I had wanted to try my hand at what I consider a classic painting; one with a complicated subject matter with lots of blending and detail. I worked on this painting for over five months learning so much about paint stroke and the blending of various hues. I was very happy with the peacock and am waiting for a new "classic" to come my way.
Fire Fighter
Fire Fighter

I have a son who is a fireman/first responder. I have seen the discipline and professionalism necessary for that career. It was my intention to capture the emotion and importance of such an event. I want to be able to paint other oils recognizing the importance of these public servants.
Brass Pitcher/Black Bottle
Brass Pitcher/Black Bottle

While I have never been much of a fan for "still lifes" in the past, I consider it a must for one who wishes to be an artist. This was first attempt at such a genre. I was tickled at how it appeared on canvas. I think that I was lucky.