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What is a giclee?

A giclee is a copy of an original oil painting produced from a digital photograph of the subject. An inkjet process with special ink is projected on a prepared canvas, giving the effect of an actual oil painting. The texture of the subject is of a canvas nature without raised brush strokes or pallet knife designs.

The giclee process allows the enthusiast to own and appreciate a particular work when the original is no longer available at a reduced cost.

Can you duplicate a sold painting?

Keeping in mind that the purchaser of a original purchased an "original", absent the giclee process, duplicates of a sold painting are not possible. However, the nature of oil painting is an ongoing process. I would like to think every time I paint a horse, or a wrought iron fence, etc., there are changes and improvements. Should a customer desire a painting that is no longer available, I will be glad to paint a similar theme, For example, my fireman painting was done for a particular client. I understand that there may be a demand for other firefighter paintings and will be glad to create one.

How long does it take for you to create an original?

Oil painting takes longer to dry than water colors or acrylics. The time to paint an original varies, due to size, colors, etc. To date, I have been as quick as two days, and as deliberate as five (5) months. I will make every effort to conform with any reasonable time frame. For all of my paintings, I employ a final glaze and then a preservative that can only be applied when the oils are significantly dry.

What are your shipping charges?

Shipping charges vary based on size and weight. There will be no extra charges added to your order. I want my paintings to circulate and be appreciated by the public. The order form will give you an idea of what the fee will be. Never hesitate to contact me to discuss any issue.